Hello Food KigaliI always get annoyed when I spend a long time living in a city and only discover cafes and restaurants that I like years later. Especially when I’ve been meaning to go to them for ages! Flamingo Chinese Restaurant is one of these little gems. Located in Kimihurura just down the road from Africa Bite, it’s central and their balcony has a pretty fantastic view back over to Kiyovu.

They’re one of these places that close for a few hours in the afternoon from 3pm to 6pm so make sure to sneak in there before they close the doors in he afternoon. We didn’t realise they had the break in their day and accidentally snuck in just before 3pm and stuck around until at least 4pm.

Cashew Chicken - Rwf 6,000The service was still friendly and there were actually a couple of large tables with big orders that seemed like they’d be sticking around for awhile. Service-wise, everything was great except for when I had to ask twice for a cup to share a pot of green tea. But he was working on his own, we were there when they were supposed to be closed, and he was also looking after other tables, including one large table of people so I can’t complain too much. Really great service without being too overbearing.

Our food came pretty fast, but not so fast that you wondered about its freshness. The veggie spring rolls (Rwf 500 each) came with some yummy sauces. They weren’t really that fat and stuffed with veggies, more long and thin and crispy. I liked them, my friend didn’t as much… she prefers her spring rolls with more thick and less crisp. So there you have it.

We ordered the sweet and sour pork (Rwf 4,500) and chicken with cashew nuts (Rwf 6,000). I loved the pork dish… nice big chunks of pineapple and the pork was really tender and delicious. Flamingo proudly state on their menu that they don’t add any colouring to their food and it shows in this dish which, I guess, is naturally brown. Have the same dish at Great Wall and it’s nuclear orange. Not sure what goes into food to make it that colour but, while I like the sweet and sour pork at both places, it is slightly alarming to see that it practically glows at one restaurant and not the other.

Sweet & Sour Pork - Rwf 4,500I liked the chicken and cashew dish less but it was still really good. Big pieces of chicken and green peppers and a nice sauce. I thought the chicken was a little chewy which is the only reason I didn’t really love it. The green tea (Rwf 1,000) was good and came in a seemingly endless pot. They also offered to heat it up.

The menu is pretty vast and includes soups (chicken wonton soup is 2,700), dumplings (they were out when we were there but range in price from 4,000 to 5,000 depending on fillings), the usual fried rice and noodle dishes, and sizzlers (Rwf 4,000 for veggies up to Rwf 13,500 for prawn and everything in between). Our total bill came to around Rwf 15,000 but we had plenty of food leftover to take away.

The wine menu includes bottles which is a nice break from boxed Drostdy-Hof wines (although you can get a glass for Rwf 3,000) and range in price from Rwf 20,000 to Rwf 65,000 for you fancy folks out there. A small Primus is Rwf 1,000 and cocktails range in price from Rwf 3,500 to Rwf 8,000. They’ve got a good selection of desserts as well for around Rwf 3,000. They’ll also do whole roasted ducks forRwf 22,500 which, I was told, would feed four people. Then as I walked away I was told five, and then six! So who really knows. But it seems like it’d be a nice night out with some good food you can’t really get elsewhere in Kigali.

I really liked this place and was happy to be given a menu before we left and told that they deliver! For takeaway call either 0788 302 437 or 0784 609 695. Delivery costs Rwf 1,500 to Kiyovu but we didn’t ask about other areas because we’re mean and only care about ourselves.

Hours: Mon to Sun, 11am – 3pm, 6pm – 11pm
Phone: 0788 300 333, 0784 609 695
Website: http://www.flamingokigali.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/flamingokigali
Email: sales@flamingokigali.com
More Info: Flamingo on Eating in Kigali

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