Shokola Lite

Shokola Lite

This cute café in Kacyiru is one of the few lunch options for people working in this area of town. It is not surprisingly a branch of Shokola in Kiyovu, and shares the same chill-out atmosphere and Middle Eastern inspired menu (though no shisha…) Up until recently you could get free wifi here, but after a bunch of cheap-ass expats started occupying tables for hours without ordering anything besides a Coke, they shut off the Internet connection. Poor people with no scruples or morals truly is the faltering part in the great machinery of a free, fair and open democracy.

Besides having to wait way too long for your food, the service is decent. The staff is welcoming and helpful, and always comes up to you with a smile to make sure you have everything you need.

Salad Bar - Rwf 4,500

The newest addition to the café is a salad bar. After having advertized it for months, I was rather excited, but was a tad bit disappointed when I first saw it. I would have expected a bit more for the price (Rwf 4,500), but oh well. It was pretty tasty, and included stuff like couscous salad, grilled chicken, and Middle Eastern style ratatouille. And the bread rolls were yummy as well! The biggest advantage of a salad bar is obviously that you get your food right away! For those of you who are too busy even to sit down for a meal, take-away is also an option.

Apparently a Shokola Lite bakery is opening soon, but waiting for the salad bar has taught me to stop hoping and keep my expectations low. Yes, it was all the salad bars fault.

Grilled Kou Kou BaguetteAs mentioned earlier, the food and drinks menu here is identical to Shokola in town. Personally, I’m a big fan of the grilled KouKou baguette (though it’s too much bread), and the Kofta. They also have tasty soups, and the hummus is occasionally good as well. I recommend trying out the avocado juice for a smooth liquid experience, or the freshly made lemonade for a more tangy twist. The coffee drinks are well made here as well, and the African tea is delish. In general, the prices are quite high (Rwf 1,500 for a small Latte, Rwf 4,500 for a smoothie drink), but the quality is usually in accordance with what you pay.

Try the coffee nut cake for a sweet treat, or the chocolate cake if you like chocolate (bleh!) Shokola is one of the few places where you can get decent cake in Kigali, so take advantage. When the cookies are not rock hard, they’re satisfying as well. I just smiled a little because I thought of something funny. But I’m not gonna go there. No, I’m not.

Hours: Mon – Sat: 9am – 10pm, Sun: 9am – 9pm
Phone: 0788 350 530

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