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Shake & Sip is a great place to come if you want to spy on Kigali as it walks by. It’s got a great view of the UTC area and traffic circle which, admittedly, aren’t the nicest parts of the city to have a view of but it’s a good spot if you like people watching. The deck is the place to be and if you can’t get a seat then you’ll be stuck inside without much to look at at all. It kind of kills the atmosphere. Fortunately the food here is pretty good so it’s not just the view it has going for it.

The menu has been updated recently with a slight hike in the prices. The beef burger used to be Rwf 1,800 but is Rwf 2,200 now which is still cheaper than many places in town. I’m not a huge fan of their burgers but I think that’s just me being strange. They’re a bit soft or something else I can’t quite put my finger on. But everyone else I know likes them. The burgers are big and come with fried onions, lettuce and tomatoes on them. The fries are pretty good and you get lots. If you want a bit of a variation, ask for masala fries with your burger.

Burger & Masala Fries

I took a risk and ordered the chicken chow mein which is usually something I’d only order from a Chinese place. I’m not sure why I was being so daring with my

food but the gamble paid off and it turned out to be tasty and also huge. I had to take half of it home so for Rwf 3,000 I ended up getting two meals out of it.

Shake & Sip sells beer and it would make a nice spot to sip on a cold beer as the sun goes down. They’ve got an interesting selection of milkshakes including the mysterious ‘Purple Cow Shake’ and the very unusual ‘Egg Milk Shake’. I’ve never been brave enough to order either of those and I doubt I ever will. I tend to stick with the chocolate shake which isn’t really all that chocolately and comes with cinnamon on it but still manages to taste good. At Rwf 2,500 though it’s sort of small.

Chicken Chow Mein - Rwf 3,000Shake & Sip is located across the road from the UTC Centre, right next to where the Belvedere buses leave from. The beeping, exhaust-spewing buses combined with the traffic mean that it’s not the most peaceful place to be, but it really is fun to watch people pass by. The plastic chairs and tables aren’t really all that comfortable and there’s not much in the way of ambiance, but the breezes is nice up there, the service is good, and the food comes out remarkably quickly.

Check it out if you want a quick, tasty meal in an interesting spot.

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