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Papyrus, our much loved and loathed den of dancing, Italian food and pickpocketing has closed and the porch has even been torn off… but next door it lives on in cafe form! The Papyrus Cafe is up and running under what’s left of the porch.

As I was wandering the streets of Kimihurura I bumped into a few friends who were heading there for lunch and I decided to join them. I’d heard good reviews of their coffee and pastries but hadn’t thought of it as a lunch location. The reality is that it’s more of a place to stop for a drink and a pastry, though, so I wouldn’t head here expecting a huge choice of lunch options.

Ham & Cheese Sandwich - Rwf 1,000

It’s actually not obvious they do lunch stuff and it was only because of my friend that I learned of their ham and cheese sandwich (Rwf 1,000). Also options are ham sandwiches and cheese sandwiches. Oh the variety is mind-boggling! But I was impressed. The bread is fresh, there’s lettuce, onion and tomato on there, the ham/mystery meat is yummy, and the cheese only tasted mildly of feet. For Rwf 1,000 you really can’t go wrong. I didn’t look at a food menu (if they even have one) so I’m not sure what other lunch treats are on offer.

The cafe has comfy seats inside and stools and high tables outside under the porch. The staff are friendly and service was quick. We were the only people in there at the time and there seemed to be an army of staff working at the time (refugees from Papyrus Restaurant, I guess) so maybe it’s hard to judge but we were happy with the service. It’s really the only cafe option in Kimihurura and seems to be a good one.

Cafe Mocha - Rwf 1,700I was sad to learn that none of the iced drinks were available because they didn’t have any ice. Not a good first impression. It’s nice to be able to count on a place to have something as basic as ice. Seems to be a somewhat common problem in Kigali, though. But I love my iced drinks so it makes me less likely to suggest Papyrus Cafe just in case I’m disappointed again. Their cold drinks menu looks suspiciously like Bourbon’s with fruity iced drinks and the Kawacinno thing… whatever that is. Some originality would be nice but hey, I guess if something works for another cafe, it stands to reason that it’ll work for their place too. So in the absence of an iced cafe mocha (which is Rwf 100 more expensive than Bourbon’s), I got a hot one instead and it was really tasty.

Pickpockets and players, beware! This isn’t the Papyrus of old and you’re probably not going to come home with a stolen phone or a someone to shag.

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