Kubrom’s Place

Kubrom's Place, Kigali

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I love ice cream. Really love it. Living in Kigali leaves me feeling pretty deprived in the ice cream department. Buying it at the grocery store is weirdly expensive and usually disappointing and buying a scoop or two at Bourbon is more of the same (it’s creamy, but the chocolate just isn’t chocolatey enough). So sad for me.

Thankfully, Kimy Gourmand has come to the rescue with some really delicious flavours, but it’s not as creamy as I’m used to and, though the flavour is pretty amazing (try the Speculoos), it’s not the same as what you’d find in an ice cream place back home. As you can see… I wasn’t joking about my love for ice cream and I’ve been pretty diligent in my search for it here in Kigali. Up until now, I’ve come up empty… but now we have Kubrom’s Place! Rejoice, ice cream lovers!

Kubrom's Place, Kigali

Ok so Kubrom’s Place might not have all of the flavours you’re used to from home and it certainly is nowhere near as rich as the glorious and mighty Ben and Jerry’s, but it’s a great little place serving up some very nice ice cream. There’s a good variety of flavours with more of a focus on fruity ice cream. They have the usual flavours like strawberry and lemon, but they kick things up to another level by using delicious local fruit like banana, papaya, pineapple, and even avocado. I can’t say I’ve ever seen avocado ice cream before but this place has it and it’s delicious. Well, I think it’s weird… but my friend loves it.

Kubrom's Place, Kigali

All of the fruity flavours have small bits of real fruit in them and are packed with flavour which gives me hope that the ice cream is made with real deal fruit and not some sort of fruit syrup or something. Personally, I lean more towards non-fruit ice creams with names like ‘Chocolate Death’ etc. and I decided to try the chocolate and cappuccino. The chocolate could have been a bit more chocolatey (though I’ll almost always say that) but the cappuccino was super flavourful and perfect. The chocolate and coffee flavours together were pretty great though perhaps I shouldn’t have added banana into the mix but oh well, I had to try it.

Kubrom's Place, Kigali

One thing I like about this place is that you get three smallish scoops of ice cream for Rwf 600 which is half the price of Bourbon’s one (albeit, larger) scoop and gives you a chance to try a few flavours if you want, or to just stick with three scoops of your favourite flavour. You can go nuts and continue to add more scoops for Rwf 200 each.

The setting at Kubrom’s Place is pretty nice. They’ve taken the time to spruce up the interior with some big, colourful murals of cartoon people enjoying ice cream. You sort of feel like you’re a part of the cartoon family, depending which table you choose. The buzz of Nyamirambo is close by just outside the doors but it feels like a little escape from this busy part of town. Only one crazy guy approached us as we ordered at the counter which, for Nyamirambo, is pretty good.

Kubrom's Place, Kigali

If you feel like exploring this super interesting area a bit, start up on the hill leading up towards Mount Kigali at Sun City Hotel and walk back down towards the Green Mosque and town. Kubrom’s Place would make a great destination for your ice cream reward at the end of a nice, mostly downhill walk around my favourite part of Kigali.

Overall, Kubrom’s Place isn’t the best ice cream I’ve ever had, but it’s certainly the best in Kigali and it’s really very good, especially the fruit flavours. The setting is cute and it has a nice, relaxed, friendly vibe. The ice cream is cheap and yummy and this place is definitely worth a stop. I think they also have a location at T-2000 but I haven’t confirmed that yet.

Have you been to Kubrom’s Place yet? What did you think? What’s your favourite flavour? Submit your comments and ratings below!

Hours: Daily, 10am – 10pm
Phone: 0783 942 945 / 0737 061 555
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/kubromsplace

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