Blues Cafe

Ah Blues Cafe… I want to love you but your service makes it impossible! Though you continue to lure me back with your gigantic, delicious salads, there will come a time when waiting over an hour for a plated of chopped up veggies will become to much. Not to mention the forgotten drink orders! But those salads… so big and tasty. I’m torn.

So I guess you get it. I like the salads at Blues Cafes. I have yet to be able to finish one completely so if you’re a hungry salad-lover, this is your spot. I tend to stick with the Greek Salad which uses soft cheese instead of feta but still manages to pull it off.

The menu is pretty standard with salads (did I mention those?), burgers, toasted sandwiches, omlettes and all the usual stuff you’ll find at Bourbon. I like the food better at Blues but it could be from one too many meal at Bourbon, I’m not sure.

Chicken SaladThe fruit smoothies get good reviews and their iced mocha drink is one of the best in town. Their iced tea is really refreshing and they manage the perfect amount of sugar which, with iced teas, seems a difficult thing to master.

Prices are cheaper than Bourbon and Shokola and the clientele seems to be more local. They have a lunch buffet that seems to have a nice balance of African food, starches, and salads. I have yet to try it because I’m hooked on their Greek salad but I’ll get to it one of these days at it looks good and, more importantly in Blues’ case, it means I won’t have to wait an hour for my food.

Blues Cafe is located in front of the Union Trade Centre (UTC) in the building across the parking lot as you go up the hill. The setting isn’t the best, looking out over two parking lots, but it is nice to have an outdoor sitting area. There’s no toilet there which is annoying, especially since the one around the corner charges Rwf 100 and is of a dubious quality.

Greek SaladThey’ve got internet for Rwf 500 per hour but they shut it off during the busy lunch buffet. There are plenty of seats, but it gets really busy at this time and they don’t want people lingering. You can always head next door to their popular internet cafe if you’re desperate to get online. During lunch you could find yourself sharing your table.

Overall I really like this place – good food and good drinks. If you’re not in a hurry and want to hang out and chat with friends then it makes a relaxed place to have a meal. If you don’t want to wait at least an hour for your food, then give it a miss.

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