Baso Patissier

Baso Patissier is the brainchild of former Brioche cake-maker extraordinaire, Bruno. He’s branched off on his own and Kigali has yet another new cafe on its hands. But this one comes with Bruno’s amazing pastries and mousse cakes which set it apart and make it one of the best stops in the city for a nice lunch followed by an indulgent dessert.

I’ll get to the desserts later but first… the food menu. They have a small selection of hot and cold sandwiches including burgers. The burger here is pretty amazing and at Rwf 3,000 for a burger or cheeseburger, a big bowl of fries, and some sauces, it has to be one of the best value plates of food in the city. It also happens to be one of the best burgers in Kigali with a perfectly soft bun (most places seem to get this totally wrong), a selection of fresh veggie toppings, and huge and perfectly-seasoned and flavoured beef patty. The fries are what you usually find around town but I love that they’re generous with the dipping sauces including their own spicy mayo-like substance. Ah… this burger makes me happy each time I order it.

The tomato and mozzarella panini (Rwf 3,000) is a bit of a different story. While it was quite good, I thought they could have been far less skimpy with the basil. I love basil and I even (annoyingly… but basil quantities are important to me) asked for them to put a bit extra on. Sadly, each half of my panini had but one basil leaf on it. Why are places so often so stingy with basil, I ask? I mean… there are only three ingredients on the sandwich… for people who order this, one could assume that they like basil, right? Two leaves just won’t cut it for me and increased basil panini coverage would have greatly improved my experience but, alas, I suppose it was still a good sandwich overall. But it doesn’t matter so much because I doubt I’ll ever stray from my loyalty to their burger.

But though the food is good, the main reason to come to Baso Patissier is for the sweet treats. Bruno is the creator of the ‘Chocolate Bomb’ (they have it still at Brioche) which is one of the best chocolate desserts in Kigali. Baso Patissier has a slightly different selection to what’s found at Brioche but  mousse cakes are still his specialty with a nice selection of decadent choices tempting everyone from the glass case. It’s kind of cruel to make a person choose, really. They also have a good selection of bread and pastries that are some of the best you’ll find in the city. Basically if you’re feeling like an amazing treat, you’re going to want to make this your first stop.

Being a complete chocolate addict I, of course, had to go for the ‘Two Chocolate Mousse Cake’. I’ve never met a chocolate mousse I didn’t like and this cake takes things to the next level. I’m not even sure how it’s even possible to have something so chocolatey and delicious. It’s soft, smooth, luscious chocolate mousse on the inside and a richer, darker chocolate on the outside. It’s insane. Seriously. It’s more than enough for two people but because I’m gross when it comes to chocolate, I gobbled it down on my own and only felt moderately ashamed of myself. As with my recent encounter with a gigantic chocolate sundae at Java House, I started to sweat a bit but persevered. Related, I need to buy new pants.

The thing that people see to rave about most is the Baso Patissier vanilla eclair (Rwf 3,000) which is a monster of a treat. First of all, the thing is gigantic so you’re certainly getting your money’s worth. Second, its pretty delicious and this is coming from a 100% dedicated ‘if it’s not chocolate it’s crap’ type of person. The eclair itself is a bit unusual in that it’s not quite as light and fluffy as I would have normally expected… it’s sort of browned a bit more and slightly crispy. But it totally works! The filling is great and the icing on top is less sweet than what would usually be on an eclair (at least the eclairs I’ve encountered in my bakery travels) but, again, it works as well. It’s just really tasty, even if it’s not what I was expecting.

The service here is good. I arrived to an empty cafe at around 11am and saw it fill up completely over the next couple of hours. All of the tables were full so if you have your heart set on a meal here, it would pay to arrive before 1pm, it would seem. I guess the word is out on the amazing burger and treats! Plus the atmosphere is quite nice with a few seats indoors and a nice patio space. There’s also a huge garden area that looks like it could be eventually turned into another great space but so far it’s not being used.

As you can likely tell, I’m a huge fan of Baso Patissier and I’d recommend you go there immediately! Grab a burger and let me know what you think… but save space for something mousse-y, too. It’ll be a tight squeeze but I think you can do it!

Hours: Tuesday to Friday, 7am – 7pm, Saturday, 8am – 7pm, Sunday, 8am – 3pm, Closed Monday

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