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The Elegancya Guesthouse is located in the middle of Kimihurura which is also pretty much in the centre of town, making it a great location if you think you’ll be wandering all over the city. It’s the only guesthouse in the area and surrounded by a bunch of restaurants – Lalibela for Ethiopian, Flamingo for Chinese, Africa Bite for a good local buffet, and Agape for brochettes. Mamba club is nearby as well if you want to go for a swim or play some volleyball. If you don’t have your own transportation, you’ll have to take a short walk to one of the surrounding main roads to get a taxi or moto, but you really don’t have that far to go.

Double Room (Suite)The guesthouse has plenty on offer including a restaurant (with one of the best views I’ve seen back to the Kiyovu area of town), a fitness centre (which some bizarre looking gym equipment), a bar, wireless internet (with routers positioned all over the place for good signals in most places), and a spa.

The service is friendly and Bill the manager happily showed me around the place. It looked clean and like a fantastic place to stay for awhile. The room I saw was one of the suites which had a sitting area in front, a similar sized bedroom and then a bathroom… complete with bath. The bedroom area has a huge window on one side giving it a nice light, a bit of storage, and a comfy-looking bed. I didn’t ask to crawl into the sheet to take a nap… so I can’t say for sure how comfy. The sitting area has plush looking seats and a TV.

View from the Restaurant

At $70 for a songle there are certainly cheaper options in town. At $100 for two people things start to get a bit better. But really, the place is nice and the location is good if you’ll need to be going to places all over the city. It’s family-run and has a nice, relaxed vibe about it and it’s definitely a place I’d be happy to stay.


  • Standard Room – $70 (1 person) / $100 (2 people)
  • Twin Room – $120 (2 people)
  • Suite – $100 (1 person) / $130 (2 people)
  • Family Room – $200 (family of 4)

To make a booking, give them a call on +250 (0)78 850 3070, email them at guest@elegancya.com or check out their website.

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