Long Overdue Updates to The Map – Kigali

The Map - Kigali Updates

This is a long-overdue post aimed specifically at all of you wonderful folks who own a copy of The Map – Kigali. This city has changed quite a bit since I published the map in February 2015. So much so that where somewhere closes or a new place opens, I almost don’t want to hear about it! It pains me to think that my beloved map (beloved to me) might not be 100% accurate. But, alas, I guess this is how things go and I should be excited to see positive changes and new places instead of cursing them under my breath as I pass by.

But pens exist! And The Map is made of paper. Space paper, yes, but it can still be written on (is there anything this paper can’t do? Try to rip it… I dare you.) So I’ve created this post as a place to come to for updates. I’ll try to keep it as up to date as possible and as things open, close, and move, I’ll add them to the list.

As you can see in the image above, I’ve designated which side is the front of the map and which is the back. With this in mind, the information below should be pretty clear. Here’s the method to my madness:

* Closed – Where something has closed, I’ve just listed it with the grid location so you can find it and cross it off the map.

* Moved (Old Location) – This business has moved so find it using the grid location, cross it off, and look for the new location in the ‘Moved (New Location)’ section.

* Moved (New Location) – Behold! The business has reappeared in this location. Use the grid to find the rough location on the map and the Google map at the bottom of the post to find the exact location.

* New Places – Brand spanking new Kigali businesses are listed here. Find them on the Google map below and use the grid reference to find roughly where they go and on which side of the map.

This list is a work in progress and I know that, even with this first round of updates, there are still places I’ve missed. Please email me at kirsty@livinginkigali.com to let me know about anything I’ve missed and I’ll add it! And as I explore around town more, I’ll continue to build on this list for all of your map-accuracy pleasure. I’m also working at updating the map of Kigali on this site so you can compare things to that.

Here’s Round 1 of updates on October 24th, 2015:


  1. Flamingo Restaurant (C9, Front)
  2. Healthy Me – Restaurant (E9, Back)
  3. Lebanese Restaurant – Restaurant (C9, Front)
  4. Mosaic – Restaurant (D9, Front)
  5. Ndaru Cafe – Cafe (E4, Front)
  6. Ogopogo Restaurant (C8, Front)
  7. Paladar Venceremos Restaurant (D11, Front)
  8. Papyrus – Bar/Restaurant (D9, Front)
  9. Planet Club (KBC) – Nightclub (D6, Front)
  10. Ran Cafe – Cafe (B6, Back – Roof of the National Library)
  11. Thousand Cups – Cafe (F10, Back)
  12. Virunga Sports Bar – Bar/Restaurant (E12, Front – Roof of MTN Centre)
  13. Yego Arts Culture (E12, Front)

Moved (Old Location)

  1. Nyamirambo Women’s Centre – Culture (F8, Front)
  2. Republika Restaurant (F5, Back)

Moved (New Location)

  1. Camellia Tea House Cafe (E4, Front – Not new, but they’ve expanded to also take up the former Ndaru Cafe building while also keeping their old location nearby)
  2. Republika – Restaurant (C9, Front – Moved to the old Flamingo location)
  3. Nyamirambo Women’s Centre – Culture (F8, Front)

Name Change

  1. Hero Shop – Changed to Twistiblendz (D9, Front)
  2. Hero Shop – Changed to Twistiblendz (A8, Back)

New Places

  1. Beirut – Restaurant (D4, Back)
  2. Canbara – Restaurant (F10, Back – Located at old Thousand Cups)
  3. Inema Cafe Cafe (C6, Front – Located inside the Inema Arts Centre)
  4. German Butcher – Shopping (F3, Front)
  5. Grand Legacy – Hotel (F10, Back)
  6. Janis – Restaurant (F4, Front)
  7. London Bar – Bar (D9, Front – Located at old Papyrus)
  8. Mr. Chips (2nd Location) – Restaurant (E12, Front)
  9. Niyo Arts – Cultural (B6, Back)
  10. Pan China – Restaurant (D9, Front)
  11. People – Nightclub (D7, Front)
  12. Poivre Noir – Restaurant (E8, Back)
  13. Shokola – Innovation Village – Cafe (B6, Back – Located on the roof of the National Library)
  14. Soothing Corner Spa Spa (B4, Front)
  15. Tiani’s – Restaurant (D9, Front – Located at old Papyrus)
  16. Zuri – Restaurant (E9, Back – Located at old Healthy Me)
  17. Zingalo – Restaurant (E3, Front)

Places I Want to Add But Need More Info

  1. ANNE Grote – Need Location
  2. Bunch of New Bars and Restaurants in Remera – Need Names and Locations
  3. Hero Shop – Changed names but what is the new name?
  4. Papyrus Nightclub – What’s the name of the club in the basement of old Papyrus?
  5. Restaurant On Top of MTN – Need Name

Email kirsty@livinginkigali.com if you can help with these or want to add to my list. Thanks!

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