Do you have a blog or website about living in Kigali or Rwanda? We want to hear about it and share it with our readers. Just add a link to us on your site and send us your details and we’ll do the same. Or don’t and we’ll add you anyways!

  • Gatete Views – A fantastic, highly opinionated blog about Rwanda and so much more. Always a really interesting perspective and a must-read.
  • Kigali Wire – The best resource for news and opinion articles about Rwanda. It’s well-written and very interesting and a great place to learn more about Rwanda for new arrivals and longer-term expats alike.
  • Kate on the Road – Friend’s blog about life in Kigali and beyond. It has cartoons! Oh ya.
  • Portrait Rwanda – A really great website by a Kigali journalist filled with photos and interesting articles.
  • A Year in Kigali – Follow the experiences of Helaina, a recent graduate who is spending a year in Kigali working for Generation Rwanda.
  • The Six Cent Avacado – My friends Caitlin and Christina blog about life in Kigali and their work with Global Grassroots. A great read!
  • Kiwi in Kigali – His last blog entry was April 2010 but it’s still a great read and full of practical information.
  • Portrait Rwanda – A fantastic collection of articles, photographs, short commentaries, and videos concerning the culture and economic landscape of Rwanda.
  • En Root Rwanda – Nice blog with a lot of good observations and insights from a Peace Corps volunteer.
  • Niall Hits Rwanda Town Like Chris Brown – Not many entries so far and who knows if he’s still in Rwanda or what, but what is there is pretty entertaining stuff.
  • Sunny Ntayombya – A really well written blog with very interesting opinions on very interesting issues. Really good stuff and worth a look!
  • Navita in Rwanda – A friend’s blog about life in Rwanda. A great read!
  • Kimberly and Team Rwanda – A look into the amazing work the Team Rwanda cycling team are doing.
  • Enclos*ure – A blog about garden design by someone living in Kigali.
  • Rwanda on the Wing – A blog about birds, ecology and sustainability in Rwanda.