The Map is Coming But I Need Your Help!

The Map - Kigali

I’ve been talking about this map for well over three years now, working on it off and on as the years ticked by, and finally – FINALLY – things are underway! I’ve put a crazy amount of work into this project and the map is aaaalmost done! I’ve got another month to work on it before it heads off to the printer so I’ll be busy!

But there’s still lots to do including finding the funds to actually get this thing printed without bankrupting myself. I’ve put it so much time and money over the years and I really need to raise some start up cash to get the map printed and shipped and to reduce the scary financial risk of turning the map from a file in my computer to a physical product in your lovely little hands.

That’s where you come in! I launched a crowd funding campaign over on Indiegogo yesterday with the hopes that I can raise the funds I need to get the map printed to a very high standard (on water- and tear- resistant and very sexy matte paper) and to have it shipped to Rwanda. Launching this fundraising campaign has been the final step towards committing to actually getting this thing done. It’s been talk for way to long and now I have to deliver on the promises I’m making. It’s exciting times, my friends!

I’m planning on having The Map – Kigali out by mid-January and a large part of my funding attempt will be offering pre-orders for people. So you get that eel-good feeling of getting to contribute to my project and helping me get it off the ground but you’ll also get a copy of the map a bit before anyone else! Win win! I get the essential money I need to go to print and you get a map. How glorious! Or I have a few other other great perks lined up, too, so your much-needed funds aren’t money for nothing.

Please take a look at my Indiegogo crowd funding page and consider making a contribution. All of the juicy info is there including a fun video to put a smile on you face. The Map really has been a labour of love and I’m so close to making it a reality but I really need your support to get over the final hurdles of printing and shipping.

The Map - Kigali

I’m hoping that, over the years, you’ve gotten some help from this website in some form or another. Maybe you found a place to live on the forum? Maybe you check the events calendar regularly for updates on events? Maybe you’ve found some good tips on life in Kigali? Maybe you’ve tried a new restaurant because of one of my reviews? Who knows! I do know that there are lots of people out there who really appreciate my site – because you tell me all the time! It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside and I love being able to offer this resource for Kigali, but this time around it’s me who needs your help and I hope you’ll considering sending even a small contribution my way. Like I said before, consider it a pre-order of what will be a fantastic map, or have a look at the other perks and I’m sure you’ll find something that will make a contribution worth your while.

I’m really proud of The Map -Kigali and I know you’ll love it too. Apart from being insanely useful, it’s also pretty good-looking, too. Or, it will be soon (it’s still a work in progress). If you’ve lived in Kigali are already back home then I think it would make a great souvenir. Or stash it away until you come back (because they always come back…) for a visit. If you’re living in Kigali now or moving here soon, you’ll want this in your pocket, trust me. It’ll make exploring the city so much easier and more enjoyable and act as an invaluable resource.

I’ve been talking for far too long! Please take a look at my Indiegogo campaign for all of the details and please consider a contribution of any amount. I really do need your help! I’m going to beg if I have to! In fact, I’ll probably be begging for the next 60 days. Folks, I’ve got no pride… I just want to make a map!

I wanted to make something worthy of this beautiful city and I think I’ve managed to pull it off. Lets work together to get an amazing Kigali product out there into the world! Thanks for your help!

About Kirsty

A Canadian who left in 2001 to wander around the world in search of sun, beautiful views and goat brochettes. Found Kigali in July 2010 and it seems like the perfect fit. I expect to be here until I get kicked out for defiantly walking on the grass while wearing flip flops.