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Thanks to a helpful reader Jean-Luke, we’ve got some updated info as of December 2013. His info is in italics throughout this post…

We don’t like to think about it (and it’s not healthy to worry too much anyway), but accidents do happen and crime in Kigali does occur. To be safe, it’s wise to keep a list of the most important emergency numbers, which – lucky for you – we’re here to provide you with.

Emergency Toll-Free Numbers

Fire Department – 111
Emergency – 112
Traffic Accidents – 113
Gender based violence – 3512
Abuse by an officer – 3511

Police Website

Police – 999

Update: If you need to report a crime, you don’t have to physically go to a police station. (But depending on how serious the issue is, you might want to show up there). Its NOT true, that the police will give you a blank sheet. the police have several CRIME REPORT FORMS. They even have an online system [E-POLICING] to report crimes –

The police in Rwanda don’t have their own cars. Some police have motorcycle, but these are generally used for patrolling or escorting political figures only. If you want to report a crime, your best bet is to visit the nearest police station in person, and file a complaint. Be ware that the police report most likely will be a blank sheet of paper with a stamp. For more serious crimes like burglary, muggings and physical and/or sexual assaults, the Rwandan police are quick to come to the scene of the crime (though you’ll have to pay for their moto to get there), and they are very serious about investigating the crime. In general, the Rwandan police are known for being able to miraculously trace anything from a stolen computer to an escaped mugger.

Fire Department

Update: Regarding the fire department, yes Rwandan National Police has a fire department, and they have few trucks, i don’t know how many, but most of them are at the airport or at Police HQ.

I have never seen a fire in Kigali, and the only ones I’ve heard of, were two buildings that burned to the ground. I have never seen a fire truck either, so in general if it burns, run in the opposite direction or go get a bucket of water or something.

Ambulance (only in Kigali) – 912 / 0788 622 524

Update: About the ambulance services, every public hospital in the country has the ambulance emergency system. If you know the hospital number you can call it and they will come pick you up (and you will get an ambulance bill) or if you call the police emergency number, I believe they will be able to send an ambulance to you. If you are not in Kigali, lets say, you are in a rural area (where the roads are not even good at all), you can always call the hospital nearest to you, and they will send an ambulance to you. [Personal experience]

The ambulances in Kigali can be called at any hour of the day, though you usually have to pay them to come pick you up at night— especially if it’s far from town.  The ambulance will usually take you to King Faisal Hospital or the University Hospital by Serena Hotel.


King Faisal – 0252 588 888 / 0252 582 654
Polyclinique du Plateau – 0252 578 767 (24 hours) / 0788 301 630
Pharmacie Conseil – 0252 572 374 / 0788 303 655 / 0788 303 755

If you should find yourself outside of Kigali when the accidents happen, you might want to note the following numbers as well:

National University teaching Hospital: 078 302 0457 (Dr. Andrew Burner)
Shiyra Hospital (Northern Rwanda) – 078 830 7417 (Caleb King) / 078 883 6095 (Louise King)
Kibagora Hospital (Southern Rwanda) – 0788 541 206 (Sheila Etherington) / 0788 232 766 (Julie Yerger)
Gahini Hospital (Eastern Rwanda) – 0788 864 075 (Wim Schonbee)

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