Withdrawing Money in Kigali from International Bank Accounts

Bank of Kigali

Many ATM’s around Kigali claim to accept Visa, but this is a big fat lie. Very few ATMs in town actually accept international cards and you’re stuck with a few choices or having to go into the bank with your passport, which is always a pain.

Your best options are as follows:

Bank of Kigali (In Town)

According to newly put-up posters from Bank of Kigali, their ATM’s are now available for international withdrawal, but they are highly unreliable, and I have yet to hear of someone successfully withdrawing money. However there are rumours that they have an amazing option of choosing which currency you want to withdraw: USD or RWF. I will believe it when I see it, though.

If the ATMs aren’t working you can head upstairs with a Visa or Mastercard with a PIN and your passport where you can withdraw money easily and without much of a wait. But you’ll need to pay a fee for the privilege.

Ecobank ATM (In Town)

This has long been the only ATM in town for international withdrawals and it’s reasonably reliable. At times the connection is bad, in which case the ATM will tell you that your financial institution is unavailable. Most of the time, though, it works like a charm.

Fina Bank ATM (In town past the Gorilla roundabout towards Serena Hotel)

As with Ecobank, the connection can fall out, but in general it works fine.

Access Bank (Inside UTC 2nd Floor)

To withdraw money from your debit or credit card, you have to go to the counter and show your passport.

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