Intercultural Dialogue

When: Thursday, February 13th
Time: 9 am to 2 pm
Where: Westerwelle Haus
Cost: Rwf 20,000

Event Description

Technology has done a great job in bringing people from different cultures and countries together, but has not yet been able to bring our cultural values together. Cross cultural misunderstandings are slowing down teams performance, businesses are failing to expand into new markets, and lot of people are missing job opportunities because they do not fit into the organisational culture. Intercultural skills are no longer just a nice skill to have but an imperative competence you should have to succeed in the increasing interconnected world.

To facilitate intercultural collaborations and mutual understanding among people from varied and dynamic cultural values orientations, Impact Route has organised a half day Intercultural Dialogue to share and discuss strategies to improve intercultural skills of teams and individuals to cope with the current multicultural environments.

​The dialogue will combine both speaker presentations and group discussions to allow participants to share experiences. The event will also be a venue to meet with people from diverse cultures and the opportunity to expand your intercultural professional network.

Expected Outcomes Of The Dialogue

1. Being aware of the diverse needs, feelings, views and
perceptions of people from other cultures
2. Being able to consider issues within different contexts – local,
national and international
3. Have a deeper understanding of cross cultural management
dynamics to effectively manage multicultural teams
4. Have an expanded culturally diverse network

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