Being in Place: Here and Home Panel Discussion

When: Sunday, June 9th
Time: 6:45 pm to 8:30 pm
Where: Rwanda Arts Initiative
Cost: Free!

What does it mean to be located in a particular place as an artist? How does your own identity and past connections with different places layer over your positioning at the precise moment when you take a photograph, write a line or stand on stage? When you figure the lives and positioning of the other people you represent? Is there within an artwork always a sense of home, either of being at home or of longing for displaced home?

This panel invites artists to consider the ways in which their work talks to being at or away from home. It responds to Robinah Nansubugah’s curatorial vision for the festival which invites us to reflect on being grounded in a locality, in a particular space and time, as an artistic and activist strategy. Many of the artists on the panel have lived in exile or in the diaspora, others grew up with a complicated relationship to home. Through their work exploring migration, identity and simply being in place, they extend our understanding of the ways in which the arts might conjure home.

Speakers include: Chris Schwagga, Bathsheba Okwenje, Yves Manzi and Robinah Nansubugah.