Mutzig Beer Fest

Mutzig Beer Fest

Sweet baby Jesus… was at Beerfest tonight and holy fuckballs it sucked. Yes, I swore. But it was deserved. No food, even for people who arrived at 6pm… except a few soggy potatoes and some mini brochettes. And… NO BEER! Unless you were ready to bulldoze people or wait for an hour each time you wanted a plastic cup full of 60% foam, 40% beer. The setup and stage and music were good but if you have a beer festival and promise food… for the love of god… have beer and food!!!

It’s such a shame to see a potentially amazing event be screwed by crappy organisation. It was really great last year and this year somebody screwed up. Same setup… more people. The road getting in and out was a nightmare, the food and beer situation sucked, I’m sure the toilets were way worse than last year… and I think a lot of people are going to be slamming this festival for awhile to come.

I want my money back.

It’s Mutzig Beer Fest time!!! Best night of the year in Kigali. It’s fun. I promise.

I went last year with no idea of where it even was and zero expectations. As our taxi drove out of town and up the dark hill on a super bumpy road to Juru Park I had no idea what was in store for us and was just happy to have arrived safely. Walking into the event I was really impressed… little candles in paper bags lined the path to the action, Rwandan women served Mutzig in German-esque beer wench costumes, and the stage, lights and sound system were all professional quality. The setting on the hill was gorgeous, the stars were out and everyone I knew in Kigali seemed to be there. All the makings of a good night.

This year is the 4th edition of Beer Fest and it’s at Juru Park, once again, on Saturday, October 8th. Entry is Rwf 6,000 which includes unlimited Mutzig beer, soft drinks and food. If you don’t like beer you might have to BYO and I’m not sure what their policy is on that. If you want to eat, be prepared to follow trays of raw meat around to their respective barbeques, wait for it to be cooked, and jump on it once it’s done. Although if you get there early you should have no problem getting value for money. As the night wore on last year, things got really busy and finding food was impossible.

Beer Fesr StageThis year there we’ll be entertained by Kidumu and probably lots of other musical acts. I vaguely remember them playing a lot of ABBA in between sets too… so come prepared to sing, dance and be cheesy. Also come prepared to be frustrated by the toilet situation. Hopefully this year is better but last year there was only one toilet block for guys and one for girls, I think with three scary toilets in each. Due to lots of steamy sexual encounters in the forest bordering the event at the 2nd Beer Fest, a perimeter of guards had been set up so sneaking off for a sneaky forest pee isn’t an option.

Likewise, if you intend on getting some jungle loving, be prepared to be sneaky. Perhaps come dressed in camouflage, or in some sort of homemade tree costume to allow you to blend in and sneak past the guards. As an added bonus, tree costumes and/or camouflage are very attractive to the opposite sex so you’re sure to score.

The Beer Fest people are putting on free bus shuttles to the event from Sonatubes, the roundabout in front of UTC, Remera Stadium (Migina entrance), and Giporoso near the traffic lights. Buses will run every 30 minutes and are a good idea since the park really is in the middle of nowhere. The bus ride back full of drunken people could be an interesting experience in itself.

Last year we took a cab to the event and hitchhiked out of there. People tended to stay until the very end last year (it ended at 1am on the dot) which meant a massive amount of people trying to get out of there on a long, narrow dirt road. If you don’t have transport, just jump in someone’s car or the back of a pickup and make some new friends! Just be prepared for a slow descent.

There’s a stand setup outside of Nakumatt where you can buy tickets and get a pamphlet with more information and a terrible map to the park. See you there! I’ll be the one in the tree costume.

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