Travelling Art Festival Talk

When: Sunday, January 15th
Time: 4 pm to 6 pm
Where: Goethe-Institut
Cost: Free!

A project organized by- and in cooperation with artists from DR Congo, Rwanda and Germany. When Yves Ndago, an artist from Goma DRC, Patrick Kiruhura, the head of the Root Foundation from Kigali and Marie Köhler, an artist from Germany, came together a year ago, they began to envision an art festival they hoped would eventually travel through the DRC, Rwanda and Germany. By opening a space for innovative and active communication, the aim of the prospective Travelling Art Festival is to promote dialogue and exchange between different peoples and
cultures and to transcend language barriers through emphasis of imagery, sound and movement as means of communication. At the heart of the idea is the belief that art is a key- element of political freedom and that the exchange of different art forms stemming from diverse cultures will promote tolerance. The hope is that the Travelling Art Festival will help dismantle existing stereotypes by pushing both artist and spectator to confront their own biased perspectives. The first primary phase of the project will launch January 2017 in the form of workshops in which artists, architects and children will commence
planning the framework and execution of the festival. We would like to invite you to Goethe-Institute Kigali on the 15th of January 2017 for the presentation of the results of these workshops. A panel discussion will follow and the floor will be opened to spectators wishing to give feedback and contribute own ideas to the project.

Phone: 0784 950 744

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