Film Screening

When: Sunday, January 22nd
Time: 3 pm to 5 pm
Where: Goethe-Institut
Cost: Free!

HEIMAT (Parts 2 & 3)

Directed by Edgar Reitz, (1980-1984), restoration 2011-2014 | Original German version with English subtitles.

2. Chapter – The Center of the World (1929 – 1933)

How Maria waits in vain for the missing Paul. How Eduard cures his lung disease in Berlin and gets to know the new area of Hitler. How he gets involved with Lucie, the chief of a disreputable establishment, and brings her home as his bride. How Lucie envisions greater things for Eduard and makes him a stormtrooper. How Hitler’s birthday is celebrated in Schabbach. How Wilfried, Maria’s brother, joins the SS. How the mother, Katharina, travels to Bochum to visit her brother and witnesses how her nephew is arrested as a member of the KPD.

3. Chapter – Christmas like never before, Reichshöhenstraße (1935-1938)

How Schabbach becomes interlinked with the world through the telephone network. How Eduard and Lucie move into an imperial villa. How SS-man Wilfried brings home a Christmas tree from Berlin and how everyone celebrates Christmas. How Lucie and Eduard are visited by an important minister, who leaves them immediately, so that they’re left to finish the food alone. How the Hunsrückhöhenstraße is built and how Maria falls in love with an engineer named Otto Wohlleben. How Otto has an accident at work, how his arm is put in a cast and how he subsequently becomes reliant on Maria for food. How the two admit their love for one another while dancing. How Lucie receives a visit from Martina, a girl from the Berlin Establishment fleeing from the past. How Eduard wishes that time would stand still.

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