EANT Dance festival

East African Dance Festival

When: Thursday, November 19th to Sunday, November 22nd
Time: 7:30 pm to 11 pm
Where: Various Venues in Kigali
Cost: Free!

Amizero Kompagnie presents the 4th edition of the East African Nights of Tolerance Dance Festival. This year, the festival gives total creative freedom to the invited companies under the theme “Carte Blanche – Speak Out”.

Performances start at 7pm.
Free entrance / donation appreciated.


Thursday Nov 19 at Saint Paul (in town):

Dancing Words by Michaella (Rwanda)
Just a Walk by Julie Iarisoa (Madagascar-Tanzania-Rwanda)

Friday Nov 20 at Saint Paul (in town):

Reborn by Guerrilla Dance (Uganda-Rwanda)
Bugobogobo project by Kefa Oiro (Kenya-Germany-Tanzania)
Solidarity by Busara (DRC-Germany)

Saturday Nov 21 at Kimisagara Youth Center:

The Truth Within by Sarakasi Trust (Kenya)
Chercheurs de phases by Rhina Crew (DRC-Rwanda)
Power Games by Fire Dance (DRC-Rwanda)

Sunday Nov 22 at Serena hotel:

Spirit by Adonis Nebie (Burkina Faso)
Randori by Papsher Kikuni (DRC)
Rue Dance by Florent Mahoukou (Congo Brazzaville)
Symphonie de la solitude by Vincent Harisdo (France-Benin)

Join us to celebrate dance!