Concert: Kwizera Singers

Kwizera Singers

What: Kwizera Singers CD Release Party
Where: Ishyo Arts Centre (Goethe Institute), Kacyiru
When: Sunday, November 27th at 7pm
How Much: Rwf 1,000

On a mountaintop near Kigali where the wind blows free you’ll find a community known as Bwiza, following the rutted track from the market at Mulindi, up past clustered houses and small shops, through fields and banana plantations.

Once hunter-gatherers, the people at Bwiza now have goats and cows, harvesting their own crops from newly-built terraces. A scant few years ago the village was barely surviving, in poor health and unable to send its children to the neighboring school for want of shoes. Now, with support of local officials and a small Seattle-based NGO working with the Kigali-based HDI – not to mention the generosity of individual expats and Rwandans – the people of Bwiza are rebuilding their lives, giving expression once again to the cultural traditions of their ancestors.

With stirring vocals, traditional amakondera flutes and stunning poly-rhythms, the Kwizera singers enchant their audiences with a unique offering of songs, ancient and modern, in the traditional style that is their legacy from the royal court.

Kwizera means “to hope” in Kinyarwanda. The Kwizera singers offer their songs and joy to the world, saying, “Come, look upon our beautiful Rwanda, now we are strong.”

Come support Kwizera on this special occasion, the release for their new CD on Sunday, November 27th at Ishyo Arts Centre in Kacyiru. Show starts 7pm; tickets are Rwf 1,000.

Directions: Walk/drive along the main street through Kacyiru toward the US Embassy, turn right at the road opposite the red and white barrier at the gate to the Presidents Office. Go down the hill to the second cross-street (look for the white sign with Ishyo logo), turn right and follow this street, bearing left at a “Y” and go down the hill a bit further, then look for another sign on your right.

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