Concert: Jahcoustix, Jamal and Friends


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What: Jahcoustix, Jamal and Friends with Guest Artists Natty Dread and the Holy Jah Doves
When: 6pm on Sunday, November 13th 2011
Where: Goethe-Institut Liaison Office Kigali
Cost: Free!

Jahcoustix is back in Africa. After his tour of West Africa in 2009, the German reggae artist Dominik Haas is hitting the road again with the Goethe-Institut: this time around as Jahcoustix, Jamal & Friends in East Africa. Jahcoustix, who lived in Africa himself for a dozen years, will be hooking up with six Ugandan fellow musicians to put together a tour band. Starting in Uganda, they will continue their tour in Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Mozambique – united by reggae music.

In Kigali Natty Dread and The Holy Jah Doves will join Jahcoustix, Jamal and Friends in the concert, combining their different styles of reggae music to shape a concert that Kigali will remember.

The Goethe-Institut try to organize projects connecting German and Rwandan culture. The reggae concert is a good example for because Jahcoustix is a German reggae musician and here in Kigali is going to play with the local reggae musicians Natty Dread and The Holy Jah Doves. Together they’re going to shape a great reggae concert.

The Goethe-Institut have also just sent a Rwandan sound engineer to a workshop in Kampala, where he will share his knowledge and learn a lot together with East African sound engineers and under the guidance of the German Stefan Schleickmann (Jahcoustix’ sound engineer). The sound engineer will then participate in the concert and can use his knowledge to instruct others.

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