Event Promotion

Have you got an event coming up? Want to get the message out to as many people as possible? Ya you do!

I can offer some really great event promotion through my website, events calendar, Twitter, and Facebook and I’ve created a few affordable packages that will help you get the word out to my readers for prices that you can afford to spend. Forget about billboards and flyers… my promotion options are much cheaper, much less work, and they’ll reach people in a more creative and interactive way.

Maybe you have a weekly event that you want to make people aware of or maybe you’ve got a one-off event that needs a more long term buzz-creating solution. We’ll work together to find something that works for you. Here’s what I can offer:

Article About Your Event – My site is currently getting around 21,000 visits per month and it’s growing fast! I can write up an article about your event that will be featured on the site’s homepage. It can have any links you’d like and will be packed with all of the information you want to cram in there. I have lots of ideas on how to make the article engaging, so let talk!

Listing on the Events Calendar – The Living in Kigali events calendar is one of the most popular pages on the website and people check in regularly to see what’s happening in the city. I can post your event to this calendar and add a dedicated page with all of the event information you’d like to share.

Facebook Promotion – My Facebook page currently has a readership of almost 22,000 people with a good mix of both expats and Rwandans. The Facebook page has grown into quite a community with many people contributing comments, sharing ideas, and helping one another. Event postings here are always well-received as informative and useful content. I can use my Facebook page to promote your event to my readers, and it’s likely that they’ll be eager to learn more. I’ll publish up to 7 Facebook posts per week, divided up however you like.

Twitter Promotion – Though my Twitter feed is much smaller at around 2,000 readers, Twitter users in Rwanda are well-connected and often share interesting stories around. Facebook promotion is hooked up with Twitter to gain even more exposure.

We will work together at the beginning of the campaign to write an article, create the event listing for the calendar, and to schedule Facebook and Twitter posts.


Each package includes all of the above (an article, posting to the events calendar, Facebook, and Twitter promotion) and the prices depend on how long you want the promotion to run for. I think prices are affordable enough that you’ll easily earn your money back when your event is packed with new faces as a result of the Living in Kigali promotion. Here are the packages on offer:

$30 – 1 Week

$40 – 2 Weeks

$50 – 4 Weeks

$80 – 8 Weeks

Longer – If you want to get started early on promoting a major event, we can! Just let me know what you have in mind and we can work together to figure out a great promotional approach.


Facebook Post ‘Boost’ – Facebook has the option to ‘boost’ a post for an added fee. In the case of my page with almost 22,000 readers, it’s possible to reach thousands of people by paying a bit extra for a ‘boost’. Below are the prices I’d charge for a ‘boost’ along with Facebook’s estimated reach.

$10 – Reaching 3,500 to 9,100 people.

$25 – Reaching 11,000 to 28,000 people.

$40 – Reaching 15,000 to 40,000 people.

$55 – Reaching 18,000 to 47,000 people.

…and so on all the way up to $250 to reach an estimated 72,000 to 190,000 people. How Facebook comes up with these estimations is a mystery to me… but there they are!

Any Other Ideas – I’m open to your ideas! Whether you want to run a contest of some kind, give out free tickets, offer special discounts, whatever! I’m here to communicate your ideas with a large audience so if you come up with a creative or unconventional idea, lets talk about it and see how we can get the message out!

Promote Your Event on Living in Kigali

I often hear from friends who run events in Kigali that they regularly see unfamiliar faces who have found out abut their event via Living in Kigali. This is just with casual, irregular promotion so I’m excited to see what can happen when we put in a strong effort to really get a buzz going around your event by using my site and social media networks to heavily promote it. I want you to see positive results and I’ll do my best to make your event a success.

If you want to talk more, please get in touch with my at events@livinginkigali.com with some more information on what you want to promote and we can work together to think of some great ideas and get a good buzz going!

About the Author

A Canadian who left in 2001 to wander around the world in search of sun, beautiful views and goat brochettes. Found Kigali in July 2010 and it seems like the perfect fit. I expect to be here until I get kicked out for defiantly walking on the grass while wearing flip flops.