Living in Gisementi

Living in Kisiment

Gisementi starts with Chez Lando (the hotel and popular restaurant), and slowly transforms into Remera as you move toward the Amahoro Stadium. It’s a cute little area with a couple of charming coffee shops (like a Thousand Cups Coffee and New Fiesta) and a small center with everything you need: Ndoli’s Supermarket, banks, make-up stores, Forex bureaus and so on.

Gisimenti is a short walk from Nyarutarama, Sonatubes, and Remera, and is a calm area with less traffic than many other places in town. There are a few office buildings here, but not really many places to live for expats, though from what I’ve seen when walking around, there are many apartment projects in the works. Sadly, this amazing white building right on the top of the hill is NOT apartments with porches, but offices for some forest department. Seriously? They really need three floors of offices to deal with Rwandan forest?

This area is also very close to Sol e Luna which most arriving expats will find their way to at some point for the Monday night quiz.

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Born and raised in Norway, culturally transformed in the US, and now residing in Rwanda. Studied biology, but teaching English in Kigali while finishing up my Master's, and debating future career options. At the moment starting up a cocoa plantation is at the top of my list, closely followed by founding an improv society. Severely technologically challenged, but somewhat creatively gifted. A great lover of the Universe, as well as cakes and salt. A passionate hater of small concrete rooms.