This site was started to fill a giant, gaping hole in online information about living in Kigali as an expat. The site is a constant work in progress and we’re always adding to it as we learn more and more about Kigali. If you’re planning on heading to Uganda, check out our other site Living in Kampala. And Living in Addis is coming soon!

I’m Kirsty and I’m a computer nerd. I’m a web designer type who has spent way too long tweaking every tiny, ridiculous detail of this site when I should really be working on other things. I’m Canadian but have spent almost 10 years away from my frozen home country in pursuit of sunshine and interesting people and places and topics of conversation that go beyond ice hockey. I’ve got no idea when I’ll make my escape from Kigali. For the moment, I really love it here and I hope that we’re all able to provide a website that conveys how great a place to live Kigali is. You can email me at kirsty@livinginkigali.com with any questions, comments, suggestions, hate mail… whatever.

My name is Inga and I came here from Norway in December 2009. After volunteering at a public school for a year, I now have a paying job teaching English. While lobbying for a Norwegian language class, I fill my time trying out Kigali restaurants and clubs (probably shouldn’t use the plural form of that noun) and writing for Living in Kigali. I have no immediate plans of leaving the country, and will most likely end up with Kirsty in a run-down house filled with African wild cats and hammocks, which – truth be told – is not the worst ambition one can have.

Reared in the Pennsylvania wilds, I acquired a natural curiosity for the world around me. There are only so many times a person can go on Scranton’s Coal Mine Tour before they realize there’s a lot of ground yet to cover on this beautiful earth. In 2011 I studied in Kigali and liked it so much I decided to come back. Why not get a forbearance on my school loans and go explore? In early 2012, I packed my bags, bid farewell to the Shire, and returned to roll in the hills. A renaissance woman of mediocre ability, I’m continuously pursuing all sorts of projects and turning over rocks as I find them. I’m enjoying the journey and maintaining that every day is a good day.